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One Oak Park

  Insurance Protection

The insurance policy of the building does not cover loss or damage to Tenant’s valuables, furniture or equipment, nor does it cover accidents which occur in Tenant-occupied spaces. All Tenants are required to have a current Certificate of Insurance on file in the Management Office. For specific coverage requirements, please check your Lease.

All Tenants are required, under terms of their Lease, to provide the Landlord with Certificate of Insurance proof of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance and Worker’s Compensation (either by policy or certification) and to name as Description of Operations One Oak Park Holdings LLC and Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. as Additional Insured on such policy. It is mandatory that the policy or certificate and additional insured endorsement be received prior to the commencement date of the Lease.

This is most easily accomplished by sending a copy of the specific lease clause to your company’s insurance agent or broker, along with the Landlord’s name and commencement date of the Lease. An original certificate should be mailed directly to the Building Management Office.

Again, an original copy of your insurance certificate as specified in your Lease Agreement must be provided to the Building Management Office as soon as possible. Exhibit K is a sample Certificate of Insurance.


Any vendor performing work at One Oak Park is required to have a current certificate of insurance on file with the management office prior to project commencement. The vendor’s certificate of insurance must meet the limits as outlined in Exhibit L and must include an endorsement to the policy naming One Oak Park Holding LLC, and Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc., as Additional Insured on such policy.

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