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One Oak Park

  Building Access

Tenants can enter the building through the North Lobby Door (main entrance), South Lobby Door, and through the sliding glass doors at the Loading Dock. These doors are unlocked during normal business hours 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM - 24 hour access is available with your access badge or Bluetooth App. To request a Building Access Card, click here. All New or replaced access cards are $15. If there is an employee that turns in their badge to Tenants HR, we suggest holding onto it and using for next new Employee. This will save from spending the extra $15. All new Bluetooth apps are also $15. These unfortunately are not re-usable. If an employee gets a new phone, please specify in the request as this will not be a charge.

Janitorial Staff and Security Officers have been instructed - If a Tenant employee arrives on site after hours without a key they will be unable to gain access to the suite. The Janitorial and Security staff has been instructed not to open doors for tenants or visitors. There will be no exceptions. It is each tenant’s responsibility to make arrangements for an alternative method of gaining access to the suite after-hours (i.e.-designating a local employee as the person to respond to after-hours access requests.).

After-Hours Access

The Building Management Office must be notified in advance of all activities taking place in your office after normal business hours. Notifying our office will allow the notice of any special instruction to our Security Staff. Outside contractors, services, visitors, etc. will not be provided access to the building after hours without prior written approval provided by the Building Management Office and a current certificate of insurance on file.

Vendor Access

Any Vendor entering the premises must provide a valid Certificate of Insurance meeting building requirements.

Tenants scheduling work to be performed within their space should send vendor the building sample Certificate of Insurance. Once Tenant receives the Certificate of Insurance back from the Vendor meeting all requirements, it is to be sent to the Management office with a schedule of when the vendor will be in the space.

If Management is not notified and a Certificate of Insurance is not received, access will be denied.

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