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One Oak Park

  Signage and Directory

Signage provisions will be specified in each Tenant’s lease agreement. Any additional signage or signage changes will be at the Tenant’s sole cost and must have Landlord approval prior to installation.

Signage requires a six (6) week lead time, therefore, please be sure to submit your requirements (changes or submissions) to Building Management as quickly as possible.

Corridor Suite Identification

Building Standard signage is generally the only signage allowed on or adjacent to the main suite entry door.

Building Lobby Directory Identification

The main directory is located on the first floor between the elevators and the mail room and contains the Tenant names and suite numbers.

Elevator Lobby Directional Identification

The Elevator Lobby Directional Signage is located on each floor, directly in front of the elevators and directs visitors to Tenant’s suite(s).

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