Building: Three (3) passenger elevators and one (1) freight elevator that serves Floors 1-6

Each elevator is equipped with an emergency telephone which will dial the building’s monitoring company who will notify security and the Building Management Office in case of emergency.

Elevator malfunction - In the event that an elevator stops with passengers in it, remember to remain calm. The elevators are equipped with emergency power and telephones which will connect you to the monitoring alarm company.

During an emergency the elevators may be recalled to the lobby level for use by responding emergency personnel.

ALARM BUTTON Red alarm bell is operated manually by elevator passenger when there is a problem and rings. The elevator passengers can communicate via the telephone to the building’s monitoring company.

STOP BUTTON Red push-stop/pull start button is to be used only at the direction of Authorized Elevator Personnel and Building Management Personnel. If the elevator should stop between floors, it will be reactivated by Authorized Elevator Personnel or Building Management Personnel. The push-stop\pull start button must be out at all times.

In the event of a power outage, the car will temporarily stop. Each elevator will automatically return to the lobby where the doors will open and all passengers must exit. The elevators will go out of service until power is restored, or the emergency response team recalls them.

All elevators function on a Fireman’s Return System, which automatically return the elevators to the main floor without stopping when smoke is detected on any floor.

In the event of a fire, elevators must not be used for evacuation, use the stairwells.